Who we are

About Eco Woodworks

Eco Woodworks is an Olympia based woodworking shop that specializes in custom carpentry and historical restoration. For over a decade, our goal has been to work with customers to transform their homes into more beautiful and usable spaces. We exercise sustainability and focus on preservation wherever possible throughout our entire process. We believe in a culture of community and educational outreach through local partnerships.

Our Founder

20160106_090507Steady at the helm from the very beginning is owner and operator Dave King, a passionate and skilled craftsman dedicated to sustainable building practices. He is a fourth generation carpenter and master craftsman. He has a passion for wood as well as the creativity and skill to design an array of custom pieces that have inspired our clients over the years.

Throughout his career, Dave has been privileged to learn from many old school craftsmen who were “building green” long before the term was a bumper sticker. Dave has a strong connection to his Native Cherokee roots and believes that stewardship to the Earth must remain a primary focus whenever approaching a project. His active participation in the historic preservation community and understanding of vintage architecture and construction has also made Eco Woodworks the industry leader in our area for wood window restoration and historic preservation.

The Crew

The Eco Woodworks crew is a dedicated group who share in the company’s core values. From design to production, finish to installation, our team works together to create pieces that reflect our client’s vision.

Devin Markoff
Tom Egan
David Wilson
Jeremy Monroe
Eric Kenney
yuri snap shot
Yuri Bockwinkel
Jason Roberts
Jason Roberts

Devin Markoff grew up in the foothills of the Cascades and has spent his life around forestry and the lumber trade. Devin manages the Eco Woodworks shop and is our lead fabricator. In his personal time he enjoys outdoor activities such as snowboarding, rock climbing and gardening.

Tom Egan handles the back end of the operation. He creates the designs and estimates as well as making sure the trains run on time. If you have a question about your project or billing, feel free to give him a call on the office line.

David Wilson joined the team in 2014 and has taken on the role of lead finisher. David is an accomplished metal smith and an avid mountaineer. In his spare time he has been looking for a bus to refurbish and explore the wilderness of Alaska.

Jeremy Munro joined the Eco Woodworks family in 2016. He is an on-site carpenter and mechanic. Jeremy likes to work rebuilding cars in his off hours.

Eric Kenney is the closer. He has been collaborating with Eco Woodworks for a number of years prior to coming on board part time in 2014. Eric is our lead field carpenter and has experience in most all of the trades and finish work. Eric likes to garden, and build various creative woodworking projects.

Yuri Bockwinkel or “Hurry Yuri” became part of the team in 2016. He is an on-site carpenter and the teams tool lackey. He is new to custom windows but very much enjoys learning from the team. After hours Yuri works on designing tiny houses and sustainable spaces.

Jason Roberts joined us in 2015 as a full time carpenter and we found out he is a skilled mechanic which has helped us maintain our fleet of vehicles and tooling.


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If you are interested in partnering with us for a seminar, lecture series or educational series, please call (360) 943-3808 or email us here.