Restoration and Preservation

While Eco Woodworks does some of the finest work in new construction; reclaiming, restoring and preserving are key elements to our core values. Throughout our area there are thousands of homes with registered historical designations. These homes stand proudly today because of the high quality building materials used in their construction. However, with the weather of the Pacific Northwest, certain maintenance is required. Eco Woodworks is the local leader in historic preservation and restoration for homes of this caliber. From window and door replacement to siding replacement, additions or addons, custom trim work, or even getting your home registered with the Olympia Heritage Commission  Eco Woodworks is here to help.  David King of Eco Woodworks often runs seminars and workshops with local preservation societies to show homeowners proper maintenance and repair techniques. 

Featured on TCTV, Dave King seen in the video here, leads a workshop series on the preservation and restoration of many elements of the Bigelow House, a historical home of the Olympia area. For more information on the Bigelow House click this link.

There are certain qualifications necessary to be considered as a Historic Home. Please visit the Historic Preservation section of the Cityof Olympia’s website. For more information on how we can help you preserve and maintain your home, give us a call at (360) 943-3808 or drop us an email here.