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Educational Community Outreach

Sustainability is the potential for long term maintenance of well being, which in turn depends on responsible cultivation and preservation of our natural resources. This philosophy is central to our values and we are dedicated to sharing our knowledge, learning from others and fostering an enriched atmosphere of awareness. Over the years, we’ve partnered with several educational and outreach institutions in an effort to facilitate personal and community growth.


Conservation is something that is on everyone’s mind these days. Eco Woodworks provides our clients with sensible solutions for weatherizing their doors and wood windows to help conserve energy, lower heating costs and create comfortable living environments. Eco Woodworks creates custom wood storm windows to match existing architectural details. And in the summer when its time to take the storms off, custom matched wood screens allow the warm breezes to pass through the house while keeping insects out.

Wood Windows and Doors

Eco Woodworks builds and installs custom wood window solutions for all phases of your project, whether new construction, remodel or preservation. A quality built and installed wood window is energy efficient, invites the elements and keeps the weather out. Eco Woodworks signature doors are custom manufactured in our shop and installed on site by our skilled craftsmen who give personal attention to the smallest details. The doors we create for you are an expression of your home or business and will be a source of enjoyment for years to come. We can work with you and your architect to create a piece that will accent your space, becoming much more than just a threshold to pass through.

Urban Tree Removal

You may know it better as Urban Salvage, but our secondary wood processing and re-man capabilities along with our partners at Wild Thyme Farm, makes Eco Woodworks your source for urban tree removal. Over the years we’ve honed an array of skills in low impact logging for residential areas. If you have a wayward tree looming on your property or would like to sustainably maintain your grove or forest, we safely perform low impact tree removal services. Low Impact? By using several different extraction techniques, we safely remove some of the burliest trees from their surrounding without tearing up landscaping or nature scape. Every tree and extraction pose a unique set of challenges. Our experienced team can remove a generations old downed tree from your property, mill the lumber and craft it into something unique for you and your family for several more generations to come.

Exterior Projects

We often hear from clients looking to replicate the kind of vintage decking and siding material that you just can’t find from the chain stores these days. If you’re in the market for “true” dimension lumber and need a shop that will mill it to your specs, Eco Woodworks has got you covered.

Historical Restoration

We pride ourselves on our active efforts to reduce waste and enhance quality of life for those that we service while preserving the existing environment. Restoring an old piece to it’s original state is something we really enjoy. Whether it’s restoring a broken piece of wood furniture or bringing back an entire home from the brink, we love the challenge of great restoration. Eco Woodworks is also dedicated to working with public institutions such as the Bigelow House Preservation Association and the City of Olympia’s Heritage commission in making sure that historic architecture and design are available for everyone to enjoy for years to come. If you have a restoration project you need help with, don’t hesitate to connect with Eco Woodworks for a complimentary assessment


In this space we are passionate. We trust and treat others with honesty and respect. We work hard and stand for creativity and innovation. We believe in community.We are dedicated and love what we do.We are inspired by each other. We are not afraid to be great.

Dave King

Master Carpenter

Dave King first opened shop in...

Tom Eagan

Operations Manager

Tom Eagan: Tom is our Operations manager. He produces all the design drawings for our construction projects, and is our books guru. He enjoys creative woodworking and boat building in his spare time. Tom is looking forward to completing his sailboat and doing some cruising.

Devin Markoff

Shop Lead

Devin Markoff: Our shop lead keeps the gears going and the tools running. His spends his free time rebuilding his childhood home, hanging out with his kids and snowboarding. He is inspired by life and people. He keeps a happy can-do attitude. Devin is looking forward to going to the tropics, visiting Russia (3rd generation Russian) and exploring.

David Wilson

Lead Finisher

David Wilson: Joined the team in 2014 and has taken on the role of lead finisher. David is an accomplished black smith and an avid mountaineer. He's inspired by the calling within him, what comes from the heart, to keep expanding and keep growing. He's looking foward to building out a bus and enjoying the beauty of Alaska.

Jeremy Munro


Jeremy Munro: is a carpenter at Ecowoodworks. He joined the team in 2016 and has been essential ever since. He is a jack of all trades. When not on a job site, he is responsible for keeping our fleet vehicles running. Jeremy enjoys dirt bikes and working on his cars. He's a local, born and raised alongside the cedars and pines.

Eric Kenny


Eric Kenny: is the closer. A striving perfectionist who will not settle for giving customers anything less than the best outcome. In his off hours Eric enjoys making cutting boards and working on various creative woodworking projects.


Local. Artisinal. Woodworkers. Ecological & sustainable from forest to furnished


Eco Woodworks is an Olympia based woodworking shop that specializes in custom carpentry. We design and create custom trim packages, cabinetry, wood door and window replacements as well as custom wood furniture. We exercise sustainability and focus on preservation wherever possible throughout our entire process. We believe in a culture of community and educational outreach through local partnerships. Eco Woodworks has been providing the Thurston County area with custom woodwork for over a decade. Steady at the helm from the very beginning is owner and operator Dave King, a passionate and skilled craftsman dedicated to sustainable building practices. He is a fourth generation carpenter and master craftsman. He has a passion for wood as well as the creativity and skill to design an array of custom pieces that have inspired our clients over the years.

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Come as customers, leave as friends
We have a 100 year old Colonial Revival with its features intact. It is a significant house on the city Historic Register, so it is important to maintain its original details. Eco-Woodworks and Dave King replicated and replaced exterior balustrades and trim that had been missing. Many of the original doors and windows had some repairs and new weather stripping installed. This house with it's many single pane wood windows is now very warm and draft-free.........even a large room that is all glass window wall on three sides, it is one of the most comfortable rooms in the house..........proof that old windows can be efficient. The house has most of it's its original 1936 operating exterior shutters. Eco-Woodworks repaired some and restored others. Today, the house looks exactly as it did when new because of the careful work Eco-Woodworks did......... this generated a Restoration Award from the city of Olympia.

David Goularte

Historical Restoration
Dear Dave & the Eco WoodWorks Team, Kelly and I want to thank you for your excellent work on our historic Olympia house. Your countless hours in reviewing our needs, planning the project, performing the work, and your constant communication with us was greatly appreciated. We couldn't be happier with the outcome of your services. We appreciate your skill at planning the multiple phases of the (by my count) nine different projects you undertook on our behalf. You really kept us informed at every stage of the project, and we especially appreciated your discussion of the costs and benefits relating to the many alternatives for each of our projects. Your advice on priorities and cost-effective solutions really helped us understand and develop a workable plan for this undertaking. Each of our projects, including the four panel wood-framed slider, rehabbed windows, new windows, rehabbed existing doors, replacement window sashes, deck storm doors/screens, and misc. woodworking projects, came out beautifully. I’m happy to report that our neighbors have commented on how nice everything looks. And, we're happy to report that our winter heat bill dropped by about $150/mo. It was a pleasure working with you and we'll be giving you a call when we're ready to move forward with some additional projects. Again, thanks for your service.

Richard Rodger & Kelly Cooper

Historic Olympia House
EcoWoodworks are experts at improving the efficiency of a home while preserving the homes historic integrity.

Thurston Energy

Thurston Talk Publication
“The team at Eco Woodworks are not only great carpenters and cabinet makers, they are terrific collaborators. Every project we have undertaken owed its success to melding of shared creativity and expertise. “

Mary Gentry

Community Member


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