We have a 100 year old Colonial Revival with its features intact.  It is a significant house on the city Historic Register, so it is important to maintain its original details.

Eco-Woodworks and Dave King replicated and replaced exterior balustrades and trim that had been missing. Many of the original doors and windows had some repairs and new weather stripping installed. This house with it’s many single pane wood windows is now very warm and draft-free. Even a large room that is all glass window wall on three sides, it is one of the most comfortable rooms in the house, proof that old windows can be efficient.

The house has most of it’s its original 1936 operating exterior shutters.  Eco-Woodworks repaired some and restored others.  Today, the house looks exactly as it did when new because of the careful work Eco-Woodworks did. This generated a Restoration Award from the city of Olympia.

David Goulart


The team at Eco Woodworks are not only great carpenters and cabinet makers, they are terrific collaborators.  Every project we have undertaken owed its success to melding of shared creativity and expertise. 

Mary Gentry


Dear Dave & the Eco WoodWorks Team,

Kelly and I want to thank you for your excellent work on our historic Olympia house.  Your countless hours in reviewing our needs, planning the project, performing the work, and your constant communication with us was greatly appreciated.  We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of your services.

We appreciate your skill at planning the multiple phases of the (by my count) nine different projects you undertook on our behalf.  You really kept us informed at every stage of the project, and we especially appreciated your discussion of the costs and benefits relating to the many alternatives for each of our projects.  Your advice on priorities and cost-effective solutions really helped us understand and develop a workable plan for this undertaking.
Each of our projects, including the four panel wood-framed slider, rehabbed windows, new windows, rehabbed existing doors, replacement window sashes, deck storm doors/screens, and misc. woodworking projects, came out beautifully.  I’m happy to report that our neighbors have commented on how nice everything looks.  And, we’re happy to report that our winter heat bill dropped by about $150/mo.

It was a pleasure working with you and we’ll be giving you a call when we’re ready to move forward with some additional projects.

Again, thanks for your service.

Richard Rodger & Kelly Cooper



We are very much enjoying the new windows, and look forward to for years to come.  A special thanks to Devin for his great work with the installation. Noticing the gap caused by the odd shaped piece was a great catch, and addressing it by having a new piece cut that same day was very appreciated. Thankful as well for his finishing touches in getting everything cleaned up nicely and the shades reinstalled

Carl & K.D.