Urban Salvage is the process of ‘salvaging’ trees that are often looked at as waste. Downed tree from storms are one example. In todays climate of environmental awareness and the scarcity of old growth trees it would be a dis-service to our local and global community to let the lumber go to the landfill. To match our sustainability goals and work with the community, we gathered the tools and skills necessary to do low impact logging. This allows us to re-man the wasted lumber into beautiful counter tops, cabinets or custom doors!

For those unfamiliar with low impact logging it is a type of logging that allows for minimal damage to the surrounding area. It is the ideal type of logging in residential areas. Every tree extraction is unique, but with our experience and partnership with Wild Thyme Farms there are few trees we cannot handle. If there is a looming wayward tree in your yard or you are in need of more light for your garden give us a shout!