With almost 20 years of experience Eco Woodworks has earned a reputation for our wood window installation and repair. Our experienced team has the passion and experience to give any project the care it deserves.

We specialize in:
Replacing single pane or failed glass
Weatherizing windows
Restoring wood windows
Architecturally match existing Windows
Mechanical restoration
Custom designed Windows

In many modern homes the wooden windows are in great shape but the double pain glass in failing. We can replace the glass of modern and historic windows without damaging or compromising the quality and beauty of the construction.

Historic windows are often in need of more than glass replacement, and require work to the sash, frame, and panes. In some homes the windows are too rotted to salvage. In these cases, we make a new window to replicate the original.

If you are having issues with your wood windows or would like custom windows designed for your home, contact us for a complimentary assessment and estimate.

To view some of our work, please visit our online gallery.